what exactly is comfy? well... comfy (or hygge, as the definition i'll be using is from) is 'a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being'. basically... anything that makes you happy or at ease and relaxed is what is comfy to you! this can be different for many people, but for myself in particular, i love when it rains and i'm curled up in a blanket and i'm completely warm and alone... maybe reading some kind of fantasy book, even. this page is dedicated to things that i find comfy, and anything similar!


mori kei is an alternative fashion style meaning 'forest style' that came from the japanese street fashion scene! as you can imagine from it's name, mori kei involves blending in with and taking inspiration from the woods and nature; many layers of soft fabrics that are long (dresses, long flowy skirts, long scarves) and natural, earthy colors (like greens and browns/tans) are what make mori so comfortable. floral, plaid, argyle, and deer-spotted patterns are common as well, along with lace, frills, and cute knick knacks such as bottles or accessories like berets and handbags!

tysm skylar for those cute images!!

other mori aesthetic:


tea and snacks are one of the most comfy things you can make and have on those rainy days where you're alone and just want something to help you relax and ease into the atmosphere.

one particular recipe i like is this fruit sandwich recipe. super tasty and cute looking and the perfect comfy treat! there's also the hot ponyo recipe i really personally love and suggest! any other snacks you can make yourself are highly suggested; foods that make you actually put a moderate amount of effort into it even if its simple are definitely part of the comfy way, imo!

art by momochy


by teacozycozy.tumblr